What we do

What We Do

Working with start-ups or prominent brands needing a refresh, we help our clients find clarity on who they are at a fundamental level. We identify the client’s essential source of power in the marketplace and unique business DNA. From this identification flows precision strategies to accelerate impactful go-to-marketing plans—unifying these elements to build a brand. Clarity about a brand brings insights into the most impactful products to develop and offer, including optimal pricing and ideal strategies, for positive marketplace outcomes.


We work with clients to help them define who they are, what’s their story and then develop a cohesive plan to bring it all to life.  From refreshing to creating brands from inception, we partner with our clients to understand their vision and create something genuinely unique and ownable.

Our services and experience revolve around the following:

  • Marketing strategy & management
  • Integrated 360-degree campaign creation and delivery
  • Business and market planning
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Brand strategy
  • Outsourced marketing support and management

Product Development

We help create consumer-centric products with emotional engagement through design thinking and lean startup methodology.  We develop products with a purpose and the product plans that will sell them.  We can help you drive your business forward and deliver the results from the ground-up development, refresh, or line extension. With 20 years plus years in product management and development, we have helped brands achieve their goals and increase sales.

We have worked with our clients to:

  • Develop products from ideation to finished product
  • Create innovation & ideation workshops
  • Define product strategies, line reviews, product lifecycles. and rational
  • Build three and five-year product road mapping
  • Help navigate production with an in-depth Asia manufacturing experience and consulting

Strategic Planning

Morrhart is committed to our client’s success by creating value now and into the future. We work with diverse organizations to define their why, review practices and optimize their brand, product, and marketing strategies. We bring a fresh perspective on how to grow your business through strategic thinking, planning, and execution.
When it comes to the strategic planning process, think of it as having three phases.
1. Discussion
2. Development
3. Review and updating
The goal of strategic planning is to ensure team alignment when it comes to your business goals and objectives, creating a formal (yet living) strategic plan document. We help clients with:
• Startups, small businesses, and established brands looking for a new preception.
• Strategic business planning and road mapping.
• Optimizing or creating new products, marketing, and brand strategies.